Acoustic Oak


Sept   1st - Plugged in Singers
          8th - Singers
        15th - Pete Stearn : Always a pleasure to have a whole set from local favourite Pete!      
        22nd - Spotlight Night
        29th - Singers 

Oct  6th - Plugged in Singers
      13th - Kris Dollimore - a consummate blues man, fine guitarist and singer - with a few tales to tell . . maybe about his time with Del Amitri, The Dammed etc . . .  
      20th - Singers
      27th - Spotlight Night

Nov 3rd - Plugged in Singers
      10th - Singers 
       17th - Spotlight Night
       24th - The Rumblestrutters - Hokum Blues & jazz Trio - Take strong vocals and nice picking, add in youthful exuberance = super, pacey & energetic Jug music!

Dec 1st - Plugged in Singers
       8th - Singers
     15th - The Swamp Dogs - need I say more . . .?  (tbc!)
    22nd - Christmas Party Night! Free Entry, Free raffle - Everyone's                                                  welcome so come along & join in the fun!
    29th - Closed - time for you to recover from Christmas & prepare for New Year's                                          Eve!
Jan 2017

Jan 5th - We're Back and it's a Plugged in Singers Night!

12th - Singers Night
19th - Spotlight Night  
26th - Singers 


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